About Me




Chloe is a rising senior at Stanford University pursuing a double major in American Studies and Theater & Performance Studies, and a double minor in music and creative writing. At Stanford, Chloe performs in musicals and operas, studies private voice in the music department, tap dances with Stanford TapTh@t, acts as a President for Stanford Light Opera Company, serves as a Resident Assistant, writes theater reviews for The Stanford Daily, and reads a whole lot of books. She feels lucky to learn and grow alongside astounding peers from countless backgrounds and disciplines.

Theater nears the pinnacle of human understanding, expression, growth, and compassion. The medium allows us to express, grapple, fight, emote, and change in remarkable ways. This unparalleled ability heightens our responsibility to honor and shape the form with utmost honesty, representation, and love.


Hobbies include but are not limited to: 

- Infecting Silicon Valley computer scientists with the ~theater bug~

- Sporting hats, neck scarves, and clogs

- Swing dancing at Frat parties